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  • G. L. Gooding

Cooper Capers: The Wiggle (Video)

Our sweet addition, Cooper, came to us with a lot of training, which has made our mutual adjustment much easier. The one thing that he does that makes us smile all the time is the Cooper Wiggle.

Unlike many dogs, who don’t like to give back the toys you toss when playing fetch, Cooper nearly always brings whatever we throw, time after time. I have tossed his favorite balls dozens of times, and each time he brings them right back.

In addition, the very first week he was with us, Cooper began crouching down in eager anticipation of the next toss. If I teased him, he would begin to back across the room remaining low to the ground encouraging me to throw the toy I held. One day when he dropped down shaking with excitement, I said to him, “Cooper, wiggle,” and waved the toy back and forth. Sure enough, in addition to his low move backwards he began to wiggle. Now the Cooper Wiggle has become a regular part of our playtime.

PS – He’s also become quite skilled at catching the toys in flight.


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