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Praise for books by G.L. Gooding:


"Satisfying tale of loss and redemption..." ~BlueInk Review

"Surprising follow-up that adds unimagined dimensions to a holiday classic..." ~Foreword Reviews

"Exceptionally well written with a genuine and memorable flair for the kind of 'feel good' narrative fiction that wins literary prizes...fully entertaining, engaging, and memorable..." ~Midwest Book Review

"Fans will come away with a familiar sense of warmth in their hearts..." ~Kirkus Reviews

"A riveting good read by an author with a genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative driven storytelling style perfectly suited to a mystery suspense thriller..." ~Midwest Book Review


FreshSnowBedfordFalls_SampleFresh Snow on Bedford Falls
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Award-winning novel in
Paperback, Hard Cover, eBook editions


It's the literary sequel to the iconic film It’s a Wonderful Life. Met with glowing industry reviews, Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls is a loving and sensitive tribute that quickly picks up where the classic Frank Capra film ends.


As 1947 dawns, a determined bank examiner starts the new year by opening a full-fledged  investigation to find out what really happened to the money that went missing that fateful day when Uncle Billy failed to make the bank deposit. A string of shocking revelations bring new depth to the movie as George Bailey and his nemesis Mr. Potter tangle in pursuit of an explosive truth.  




Yellum eBook Correct.jpg

Paperback and eBook.


Yellum by G.L. Gooding is an animal-themed adventure that brings new dimensions to the Christmas season by sharing the story of one very special creature that played an important part of world-changing events.

Yellum shines the spotlight on the challenging life of an extraordinary donkey with the divine purpose to

carry humble, pregnant Mary to Bethlehem for the birth of the Christ child.
That donkey was Yellum.


He starts his difficult life as a vulnerable newborn who loses his mother.  This orphaned beast of burden is soon seized by ruthless bandits.


Things slowly begin to change when Yellum meets Sam the camel and Rags the dog—two kind-hearted creatures who have also been living harsh lives. For the first time, the donkey experiences the power of true friendship and unconditional love. 

Murder in Minnesota front.png

Paperback and eBook.

The year is 1971 and Jamie Masters, a Military Police Captain in Vietnam, has just returned home to face more tragedy.


Carrying mental and physical scars beyond the war, Jamie is a man lost without direction. Then his best friend P.T. Abbott arrives driving a wreck of a vehicle in desperate need of restoration.


The ’46 Ford Woodie, a wood-paneled classic wagon, is P.T.’s repayment of his friend’s loan. Once beautifully redone, Jamie decides to take the Woodie on a solo road trip to find himself. A ragtag collection of misfit friends, however, have other ideas. It isn’t long before the gang aboard the wandering Woodie becomes involved in a string of murders linked to the tragic past of Walden Creek, Minnesota. 

"A riveting good read by an author with a genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative driven storytelling style perfectly suited to a mystery suspense thriller..."

~Midwest Book Review

WCB-eBook (2).jpg


Paperback and eBook. 

Based on the life of author G. L. Gooding's mother, Velma Steele,


A blizzard rages outside a ramshackle Iowa farmhouse in February of 1921. Five-year-old Velma senses that her father is dying in the nearby living room, and she wonders if her mother can possibly survive the raging snowstorm in her brave effort to get help.


Where Courage Began tells the story of Velma, her three siblings, and her widowed mother Alice Steele.  


Life for the young family in Woodward, Iowa requires courage, tenacity, and ingenuity. 

Verified for local historical accuracy, this novel shines light on Depression-era communities and their values for God, the land, hard work, family, and  friendship... still practiced every day in Dallas County and celebrated annually at the Woodward Friends and Neighbors Celebration.

02 The Road to Resilience03.jpg

NEW SERIES continues

Paperback and eBook. 

Now, It’s Christmas Day 1924 and young Velma is still breathless from the dramatic events of the previous night.  She remembers with joy participating along with many of her community in rallying around an isolated family in a moment of great need.
As years pass, Velma continues working hard at school and putting in endless hours helping her widowed mother and older sister.  Together they support the family during the economic hardships in rural America that foreshadowed the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Along the way, Velma begins to envision a brighter future in spite of continuing hardship.
Then, as a young woman, Velma meets handsome Jack Gooding and in the briefest of time, realizes she has found her one true love.  All too soon, however, her resilience and courage must endure the greatest challenge yet.

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