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  • G. L. Gooding

Top Lists: Cars I’ve Owned and What I Remember About Them

Having recently finished reminiscing about my parents adventures in a 1928 Ford Model A Coupe, I got to thinking about all the cars I have owned over the years and my fondest memories of each. It is truly an eclectic mixture of wheels. Some may surprise you:

  • 1962 Studebaker Lark V8 – One of the best engines and worst suspensions ever. Had some coming-of-age experiences in this beast, so I’ll always have a fondness for the beast.

  • 1968 Buick Opel GT – My first new car and a gift for being the first in my family to graduate college. Lots of history in the car from graduation, to marriage, to the army, and divorce.

  • 1970 Ford Mustang Grande – Near jerk response to surviving the army and a bad marriage.

  • 1972 Porsche 914, 1.8 Liter – A dream come true, a poor man’s Porsche. Fun for two-years before selling it to buy a house in the Chicago Suburbs.

  • 1974 Datsun B210 – This was the worst car I owned, but was a cheap commuter car.

  • 1966 Corvair Van – In 1976 my best friend, a Corvair lover, talked me into buying a van sorely in need of rebuilding. This we did over a couple of years then unloaded it when I couldn’t keep it running.

  • 1978 Buick Skylark – Replacement for the van that saved a marriage, for a while.

  • 1981 Chevy Citation – Along came a son and the need for four doors. This was during the time when inflation and interests were double digits. High fuel cost lead to the creation of smaller, fuel-efficient cars like the Citation.

  • 1982 VW Rabbit – Bought this before relocating to California. This car saw more ups and downs than any other car. It was remarkably reliable.

  • 1983 Volvo Station Wagon – Inherited this along with my new wife.

  • 1972 Porsche 914 (restored) – Same old friend talked me into rebuilding a Porsche like I’d once owned. It was a mistake. Rusted out and got stolen when I tried to sell it.

  • 1984 Audi Sedan – Got this used model in poorer times when the 82 VW was totaled. It looked better than it was. Gave it to our daughter who hated it.

  • 1989 Plymouth Voyager Turbo – Bought this from an employer when I left. This was a great vehicle that covered a lot of miles and a lot of family events, mostly good ones.

  • 1996 Plymouth Sebring Convertible – Late midlife crisis gift from my wife. This was a fun car especially when driving it through wine country with the top down on a Sunday afternoon.

  • 1998 Nissan Van – This replaced the Voyager and never earned a place in my heart for a sad reason better suited to another time/blog.

  • 2004 Volvo S80 Turbo – A beautiful midnight blue that marked the beginning of another phase in my life, a very successful one with much joy.

  • 2010 Ford Escape – The last car. Shortly after buying this, my vision got so bad, that I was declared legally blind. Yet another story.

I’m sure I’ve missed one or two. Oh, I just remembered a 1960 Ford pickup my best friend and I bought for $100. We used it for a year to haul stuff around until it was totaled by a thug while parked in front of my friend’s house. Ah, the memories.

This was a fun exercise and far less painful than making a list of the women in my life. You should give it a try and enjoy the trip down memory lane, or I should say highway.


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