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  • Garry Gooding

Inspirational Messages: “This article says it all.” – G.L. Gooding

One Thing You Might Not Have Realized About ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’

There’s another inspirational message behind the movie.

I believe this article is absolutely spot on because the Huffington post explains, “The movie isn’t just about the importance of believing one’s life is important in both small and large ways, but that one’s contributions matter.”

“Fresh Snow On Bedford Falls” showcases characters transitioning from the celluloid of “It’s A Wonderful Life” offering shared inspirational messaging about the good that can be found in our personal and professional lives. Dealing with adversity is a choice that leads to other consequences, good or bad. When you are given a second chance, it is possible to find redemption.

I am honored to present my tribute to Capra’s iconic masterpiece, “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Get your copy of the literary sequel “Fresh Snow On Bedford Falls: Second Chances” to finally learn what happens next to the beloved characters in the Christmas classic.


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