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  • Garry Gooding

Cooper Capers: Confessions of an Enabler

Just thought I would take a moment to admit my guilt at leading our cute little pup, Cooper astray. I tried my best not to, but I’m weak and can’t look into is innocent face without weakening. For months, I’d made sure the little guy dined on the healthy kibble and wholesome treats recommended by the breeder and vet. Only the proper amount at the proper time along with regular exercise would ensure he reach adulthood in the best condition possible.

Well, Cooper turned one in February and, according to the American Veterinarian Association, that made him approximately 15 in human years. Not quite adult but close enough for my lack of self-restraint. It was time to let the little rascal have some fun.

I started slowly but it wasn’t long before I found Cooper had rapidly developed not one but two addictions. Though I ensured his healthy diet was primary, I found his craving for these new treats to grow exponentially until limits had to be set. This, of course, resulted in annoying withdrawal behavior - whines, sad looks, glares, and even a bark or two.

Now I am endeavoring to wean Cooper down to a level that he and I can live with. Just in case that fails, I am looking for a good 12 step program for canines. As you can see from the photo below, he is hard to resist.


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